Sample Works

Close Project

Mythical Beast Wars

This is my own site, another Word Press modification. This is also probably the best read of where my personal tastes lie, simple, loud and fun with enough subtle touches to ideally, be impressive.

Close Project

Playboy Live

This was a complete re-branding of Playboy’s live chat site to bring it more in line with the rest of the company.  I reworked the styles behind the third party’s interface to suit our needs, created a blog and news feed as well as all of the email and marketing creatives.

Close Project

Playboy Store

The Playboy Store went through multiple business models while I designed for them. The pictures above are from the “lifestyle-branding” era which I think best communicated the product with rich photography given the space to shine via clean and concise copy placement. I designed multiple stores, and micro stores but the brunt of my efforts were put into designing and modifying html emails and landing pages to increase response rates.

Close Project

Rock the Rabbit

Worked with a team of copywriters, to design and assemble a 25 page feature designed to increase page views, ad impressions for the sponsor, as well as function as the main web based marketing engine to promote the Rock the Rabbit merchandise. Required approvals from sponsors, Playboy Licensing and all 20 of the band’s management teams.

Close Project

2010 Playmate Review

This was the first of the Playboy Word Press based sites. Worked with a crew of two front end developers, and our creative director to wrangle a theme to our needs. I designed and implemented all 12 girl feature pages, all front page “spotlight” slides, video library, and search result pages. This feature was sold to a sponsor after it was created so the only tricky approvals pre-release were with the Playboy Mansion.

Close Project

The Playboy Key Club

Worked with third party illustrator and an outside agency’s style guide to create marketing emails, advertisements, spotlights, sweepstakes and a downloadable desktop calendar, all to increase registrations to the Harley Davidson/Playboy Key Club. Required approvals from Harley-Davidson, the agency representing Harley and  the agency the illustrations were originally sourced from.

Close Project

The Smoking Jacket

The Smoking Jacket was Playboy’s work-safe men’s blog. Built with the intent to simplify the brands complicated navigation on the mother site  down to the fan base’s core interests while keeping the the entire site safe to browse at work. I designed the site, the logo, the marketing emails, and specialized splash/landing pages.

Close Project is my wife’s yoga instruction blog. I design, maintain and illustrate as her needs require, with the long term goal of having the “Pose Guide” animated and online classes featuring the animations for ease of instruction.

Close Project

Sobieski’s Barmate of the Year

This was a sponsored content feature I designed and built, involving a holiday themed splash page with embedded videos and in feature navigation to 12 sub pages and a 12 slide drink recipe overlay with a content slider.  The goals were to impress a new client, their agency and meet the traffic requirements for the buy (which were exceeded).


Columbia College 1991-1995
Studied Fine Arts and 3-D Design/Animation


  • Mac and PC operating systems
  • HTML, CSS, Adobe Creative Suite
  • Modifying JQuery and JavaScript
  • Catalog and advertisement design, construction and preparations for press

Work Experience
Playboy Enterprises 2000-Present
Creative Manager

  • Worked in league with advertising clients and third part agencies to design sponsored features/experiences for clients like Harley-Davidson, Sony, Smirnoff and Sobieski.
  • Currently manage one employee and production of all Girls side content.
  • Designed and implemented current Girls section fronts, Girls index pages and archives.
  • Co-designed last iteration of Girls side, reworked old CSS and “content wrapper” to properly display years worth of legacy content in the new framework and make pages search engine friendly.

  • Designed entire “work-safe” blog site to monetize an untouched Playboy market

Subscription sites

  • Designed and implemented numerous subscription site tours, join pages, registration forms, html  emails, newsletters, galleries and banners.
  • Specialized in tweaking designs and overall look, feel and messaging based on customer response.


  • Designed and implemented several looks for the Playboy, Spice TV and Gear Up online stores.
  • Designed and implemented html emails, Flash/PDF catalogs, marketing banners and stand alone mini sites meant to guide customers through purchase.
  • Helped to create and modify style guides for both print and web.
  • Managed a catalog of product images for more than 5000 skus.
  • Designed and produced multiple ads for runs in Playboy Magazine.
  • Helped layout PlayboyStore print catalog.

Victory Records 1998-2000
Art Director
Responsibilities included design and layout of ads, CD and vinyl packaging, catalogs and merch.

Cargo Records 1995-1998
Graphic Designer
Responsibilities included design and construction of catalogs, promotional materials and press kits.

References available upon request